Stadia details revealed: launch date, pricing, FREE mode and more!

$10 a month for Stadia Pro. Free version also available. Pro version launches in November in some territories, Free version coming next year. There! You don’t need to read the rest of the article if you don’t want to, but we’ll go into more detail regarding Stadia pricing specifics, technical requirements, and more. Let’s go!

So, it looks like you’ll be able to enjoy some basic functionality for free (eventually), and some really awesome AAA experiences for $10/month. If you want to permanently own the games, you can buy them, too (and they don’t go away if your Pro subscription runs out.

Founder’s edition includes: Chromecast Ultra, a controller, 3 months’ worth of Pro subscription, another 3 months for you to give away to a friend who wants to try the service out, and Destiny 2: The Collection (which includes DLC) as the first “premium” “free” game.

The free model is very interesting, as it offers a limited amount of games for free, but it does so at 1080p30, which is already a fantastic resolution for most people. How will this be supported? Well, interestingly enough, it was recently announced that Chrome would be dropping an API required for most Ad blockers to work. My guess is that the free version will be ad-supported. Ad-based games with IAP are already the big earners in the Android marketplace, so it makes sense that Google would try to replicate that model in Stadia. Will it work, though? Who knows.

In terms of technical requirements, mostly you’ll just need an internet connection that is fast enough. 10mbps seems to be the minimum, with 20mbps as the base for 1080p gameplay. That’s fine for first-world countries, but way too much for developing economies. Funnily enough, Netflix is able to stream HD content over 5mbps connections, so I do wonder where the extra bandwidth is going for these requirements (my guess is 30fps over 24fps for most of Netflix, as well as Netflix’s better encoding and lack of input).

Here are some of the games that are coming to the platform. And that’s about it, but you can watch the whole “Direct” below:

You can pre-order the Founder’s Edition here:

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